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Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels-What Do You Need to Know?

May. 18, 2021

Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels are not only easy to machine and flexible to use, but also give the building an ultra-modern appearance. The fire-resistant aluminum composite panel has a variety of colors, textures and patterns, which can add beauty to each surface pasted on it. The form can also be customized according to design and budget requirements.

Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels

Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels

Before ignition and combustion can occur, a proper combination of three elements is required:

1. Air oxygen

2. Burning fuel

3. The ignition temperature starts and continues the combustion process.

The function of fireproof aluminum composite panel:

1. Sound absorption.

2. Environmentally friendly

3. Ultra-modern

4. Durable and beautiful

5. Fire and dust prevention

6. Quick application

7. Corrosion resistance

Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers know that creating a sustainable planet is important to everyone. The brand ensures that the panels are made of 100% recyclable materials, which are minerals, aluminum and polymers. This helps protect precious natural resources and makes aluminum-plastic composite panels completely beneficial to the environment. These environmentally friendly products belong to the acceptability of all green building projects.

The fire-rated aluminum composite panel can resist fire for up to 2 hours. The main difference between fireproof aluminum-plastic panels and ordinary aluminum-plastic panels is that although both are aluminum-plastic panels, they have different core materials. The mineral core is composed of approximately 70% inorganic material and 30% polymer. The core of ordinary aluminum-plastic panels is LDPE/HDPE minerals, while fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels are made of specially formulated refractory mineral cores.

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