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Aluminum Composite Panel VS Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, which Composite Wall Panel is Better?

Oct. 09, 2020

Building metal composite wall panel decoration materials are the main application products for building curtain walls today, including aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel. Among these three materials, the most commonly used are aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels. What is the difference between aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel? Which composite wall panel is better? As a professional Aluminium Composite Supplier, we will make a comparison for you:

Aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is a new type of composite material with a sandwich structure. It is formed by combining two layers of aluminum panels with an aluminum honeycomb core through an adhesive.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are usually sprayed with fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating. Fluorocarbon coatings are widely used for outdoor wallboards due to their good weather resistance and self-cleaning properties, while polyester coatings are mainly used for indoor wallboards.

Aluminum honeycomb panels can be made into panels with light weight, high strength, good rigidity and a very flat surface, which can be used for structures, cushions, partitions and decorations, such as curtain walls, building partitions, sound-absorbing panels, high-speed trains, ships, Carriage etc.

Aluminum Plastic Panel

The color of the Aluminum Composite Panel depends on the surface coating. Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is made of aluminum composite material (ACM), which is a flat plate composed of two thin coil-coated aluminum plates bonded to a non-aluminum core. ACP is usually used for exterior or exterior walls of buildings, insulation materials and signs.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Common points between two composite wall panels

Can be used for interior and exterior wall decoration: aluminum composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels are very popular building composite wall panel decoration materials, which are widely used in curtain walls and building partitions.

Have similar performance advantages: Compared with other materials, aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum honeycomb panels have many similar advantages, such as light weight, low density, high strength, good rigidity, good impact resistance and vibration damping, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. . , Beautiful appearance, easy to clean.

Aluminum composite panel is lighter than aluminum honeycomb panel:

Although the two materials are composite materials with a sandwich structure, the aluminum composite panel uses a plastic core, and the aluminum honeycomb panel uses an aluminum honeycomb core layer. The aluminum core panel is heavier than the plastic core.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has better formability:

The thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate can be selected according to actual needs, and it can also be made into a flat plate, single-curved plate or double-curved plate according to the specific shape. The honeycomb aluminum plate not only has good formability, but also is not easy to deform after forming.

Aviation, ships, high-speed vehicles:

Aluminum honeycomb panels: Due to the above advantages, aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, military and other fields. For example, it is used for rocket fairings, aircraft wings and warehouses, train bulkheads and floors, car skins and doors, and building ceilings and curtain walls.

In the application of wings and vertical tail, cockpit, cargo compartment floor, door partition or cargo compartment, honeycomb panels can effectively reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve the control sensitivity of moving parts.

Which aluminum wall panel is better?

After the above analysis, you should already understand the difference between aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel. If you want to ask which composite wall panel is better? It is difficult to tell you a clear answer. You need to choose the composite wall panel that suits you according to your needs. In addition, the most important thing is the budget.

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