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How to Clean The Outer Wall of Aluminum Composite Panel

Oct. 14, 2020

At present, most buildings are high-rise buildings, and most of the exterior walls are decorated with Aluminum-Plastic Panels. The exterior wall is exposed for a long time and it is easy to adhere to dust. Frequent cleaning and wiping are required to ensure that the building is neat and beautiful, and the interior is bright.

The cleaning of Aluminum Composite Panels on the external walls of buildings requires outdoor and high-altitude operations. Vehicles such as hanging baskets, hanging plates, lifting platforms, etc. must be used, which are difficult to operate. Operators must undergo strict physical examinations, strict training, and strictly abide by operating specifications and safety regulations to ensure high-quality and efficient overall cleaning of the external wall aluminum-plastic panels.

High-altitude exterior wall aluminum-plastic board material exterior wall cleaning method:

1. Preparation

1) Determine the corresponding cleaning agent and tools according to the wall material and dirty degree of the external wall aluminum-plastic panel, and conduct a small cleaning test if necessary.

2) Find out the roof condition and determine the water source and power source.

3) Develop an overall operation plan.

Note: Please ensure that there is guardianship on the roof and the ground, and ensure that the communication tool is unblocked to keep in touch.

Aluminum-Plastic Panels

Aluminum-Plastic Panels

2. Install and transport exterior wall cleaning equipment, tools and special cleaners.

3. Connect the high-pressure washing machine to the power supply and water source, install the flushing hose, and check the effect of the water gun.

4. Employees wear work clothes, handling tools and cleaning agents on the hanging basket or hanging board. Certain tools should be placed on a hanging basket or hanging board to prevent accidental loss of hands and injury to pedestrians. Set up safety fences or place safety warning signs on the ground.

5. Working methods should be top-down.

6. Cleaning method:

1) Rinse the wall with the water gun on the high-pressure cleaner.

2) Check whether there are stains on the wall, such as wooden sticks. If there are, please use the corresponding auxiliary tools (such as scrapers and solvents) to remove them.

3) After fully inhaling the detergent, immerse the water dispenser in the bucket and spread it evenly on the wall.

4) According to the degree of contamination, use brushes, abrasive discs, scouring pads, squeegees, etc., and rinse with water.

5) Confirm that the clean wall surface within the working range has been cleaned, and the sliding basket or hanging plate continues to work downward.

7. After finishing all the work, clean up the equipment and tools, drain the ground protection rope or warning signs, and wipe the groundwater.

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