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Notes for use of aluminum composite panel

Jul. 20, 2020

1. The aluminum composite panel should be stored or installed in a dry and ventilated place in an appropriate manner to avoid water accumulation and installation in abnormal environments, such as smoke, dust, radiation, harmful gases and chemicals.

2. Aluminum composite panel transport or storage should be flat.

3. When grooving with a slotting machine or a gong machine, round head or ≥90 shall be used. V-shaped flat head saw blades or milling cutters are slotted with 0.2-0.3mm thick plastic core plates with curved edges to increase strength and toughness as well as prevent aluminum sheet hydrogenation. Bend too sharp or cut and aluminum panel or left plastic too thick will cause bending aluminum plate fracture or paint film burst.

4. Force should be evenly applied when bending, forming once, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum panel will break.

5. In order to maintain the evenness of aluminum composite panel and enhance its wind-resistant ability, after bending the edges of the aluminum-plastic board, the inner lining skeleton shall be pasted with glue and the board.

6. For arc surface decoration, should use bending equipment to bend the aluminum plastic board, slowly, so that the board gradually reach the required surface, do not step in place. Bending radius should be greater than 30cm.

7. Install the aluminum composite panel on the same plane in the same flow direction. Otherwise it may cause the Angle of view color difference.

8. The protective film should be removed within 45 days after the aluminum composite panel is installed; otherwise, the protective film will age due to long-term exposure to sunlight. Adhesive residue may occur when the film is torn.

9. The inner wall panel should be used indoors and not installed outdoors to ensure its service life.

10. In the process of construction or use of the plate surface if there is pollution, you can use neutral detergent or alcohol gently cleaning, avoid using strong acid, strong alkaline detergent cleaning.

Pay more attention to the above points when installing and using interior and exterior aluminum composite panel, which can effectively avoid unnecessary troubles, effectively solve some problems in the construction process, and the correct use method can also extend the service life of aluminium composite panel

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