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Simple Classification and selection of Aluminium composite panels

May. 01, 2018

The common specification of aluminum plastic board is 1.22Mx2.44M, with thickness of 2-6MM. It is divided into two kinds, one side and two sides. According to the thickness of aluminum, there are 0.03-0.5 mm and so on. According to the use, there are two kinds of indoor and outdoor use. According to the paint, there are polyester aluminum plastic board and fluorocarbon chloric acid plate.

Analysis of the main points in the selection and purchase of aluminum-plastic composite board, the following seven points are worthy of attention:

1. See - whether the surface of aluminum plastic board flat and smooth, no ripple, bubbling, spots, scratches.

2. Measure- measure whether the aluminum board meets the requirements of the national standard.

3. Folding - one corner of the aluminum plastic plate, easy to break is not pure new PE materials or doped with recycled PE.

4. Burning - aluminum plastic board intermediate material, real PE full combustion, doping after the false combustion of impurities.

5. Plane - when the groove is bent, see if the aluminum sheet is broken.

6. Drop - sodium hydroxide solvent dripping test outer wall panel fluorocarbon coating.

7. Request- ask for the manufacturer's quality inspection report, warranty and ISO international quality certificate.

Shuangou Plank Industry has the above testing equipment and strictly controls the product quality. It is a national standard formulation unit. Building materials products should be produced by regular manufacturers in order to ensure the product quality, the same price ratio quality, the same quality ratio price, and the same quality ratio price. Shuangou aluminum composite panel is your trust of choice.

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