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Prospect and Application of UV Printing for Shuangou aluminium composite panel

Aug. 01, 2018

As a new decorative material, the aluminum composite panel was introduced from Germany to China in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and has been rapidly loved by people for its economy, diversity of optional colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing functions, excellent fireproofing and noble quality.

The unique properties of the UV-printed Shuangou aluminum composite panel determine its extensive use: it can be used for the exterior wall, curtain wall board, renovation of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, and cleaning and dustproof projects. It belongs to a new type of building decoration material. Shuangou aluminum composite panel is the first choice of processing UV aluminum composite panel.

In recent years, it has been adopted by some avant-garde designers. Its delicate, more suitable to form a finely divide pattern and to distribute a dreamlike color in that change of light shadow.As a common carrier of decorative art, this time mosaic aluminum board make a comeback, once practiced the full power, its gorgeous appearance and enchanting expression gradually approaching your life.

It is convenient to process that Mosaics of the UV aluminum composite panel,you can open back glue paste by themselves, saving time and effort, but also the referee paste into a variety of shapes, limited creativity to wait for you to invent.

Products non-toxic, non-radiation, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, temperature-resistant, waterproof, high hardness, non-fading.

Shuangou aluminum composite panel UV printing, UV aluminum composite panel processing, Shuangou aluminum composite panel UV spray painting and Shuangou aluminum composite panel adhering to the vision of "making the space full of beauty" and the business objective of "quality, service, efficiency, professionalism and value", the company provides strong support and services for more entrepreneurs and enterprises to start, develop and expand, and jointly create a brilliant future for UV printing business. 

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