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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Aluminum-Plastic Panels?

Jul. 11, 2020

(1) Aluminium-Plastic Panels should be stored in a proper way or installed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid accumulation of water, and the ambient the temperature should not be higher than 70oC. Avoid installation in abnormal environments, such as smoke, dust, sand, radiation, harmful gases and chemicals.

(2) The aluminium-plastic panels must be laid flat during transportation or storage. The four sides of the board must be lifted at the same time during transportation, and do not drag it unilaterally to avoid scratching the board surface.

(3) When slotting with a slotting machine or a gong machine, a round head or a V-shaped flat-head saw blade or milling cutter with a diameter of ≥90o should be used for slotting, and a 0.2-0.3mm thick plastic core board should be left with the edge of the panel. , To increase strength and toughness and prevent hydrogenation of aluminium flakes. Too sharp corners or cutting damage to the aluminum panel or too thick plastic left will cause the aluminium panel to break or the paint film to burst during bending.

(4) When bending the edge, it needs to use even force, forming once, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise it will break the aluminum panel.

(5) In order to maintain the flatness of the aluminum-plastic plate and enhance its wind resistance, the aluminum-plastic plate needs to be lined with a skeleton and glued with the plate after bending.

(6) When used for arc-shaped surface decoration, bending equipment should be used to bend the aluminum-plastic panel, slowly and hard, so that the panel gradually reaches the required curved surface, not in one step. The bending radius should be greater than 750px.

(7) Install the aluminum-plastic panels on the same plane in the same process direction. Otherwise, parallax may be caused.

(8) The protective film should be removed within 45 days after installation of the fireproof aluminum composite panel, otherwise, the protective film will age due to prolonged exposure in the sun. Glue may be caused when tearing the film.

(9) The interior wall panels should be used indoors and should not be installed outdoors to ensure their service life.

(10) If the surface of the board is contaminated during construction or use, it can be gently cleaned with neutral detergent or alcohol. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline detergent.

The Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers hereby remind consumers that the prices of aluminum composite panels of different specifications and different uses will be different. Please understand the market conditions before purchasing; you must pay attention to maintenance during the use of aluminum composite panels.

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