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The Characteristics Of Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel

Aug. 28, 2020

Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel has the following characteristics:

1. High fire performance

The heart material of the Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel is made of flame-retardant MGOH, NAOH and other flame-retardant materials and PE polymers. DuPont's high-performance coupling agent is used, which not only has high Fireproof Performance, but is also easy to be processed.

2. Super weather resistance

PVDF coating based on HYLR5000 or KYNAR500 has unique advantages in corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, and weather resistance, and its beautiful appearance will not be damaged in hot sunlight or in severe cold wind and snow.

3. Ultra high peel strength

Using the most advanced American DuPont technology and raw materials, the most critical technical index of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, the peeling strength, is improved to an excellent state, and the flatness of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is correspondingly improved.

Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel

Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel

4. Impact resistance

The Fire-Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel is compounded at high temperature, using DuPont polymer film, Huatong Yang paint, Southwest Aluminum, which has strong impact resistance, high toughness, and bending without damaging the finish. It will not appear due to wind and sand in areas with more common wind and sand climates. And the damage caused by it.

5. Uniform coating and diverse colors

Our company imported the formation and coating line, controls all the processes by ourselves, and has a stable quality system. The aluminum coil has undergone chemical formation treatment and the application of film technology, so that the adhesion between the coating and the metal is better, the color is uniform, and the color is diverse. There is a lot of room for users to choose.

6. Easy to maintain

Self-cleaning is good, even in some areas with more serious pollution, you only need to clean it with a neutral cleaning agent. After cleaning, the board will be restored to new.

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