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PE Aluminium Composite Panel

SHUANGOU PE (polyester) Aluminum composite panel ACP comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the front surface is coated with Polyester paints. Because of its colorful design and easy processing, it has been a popular material for the facade decoration and advertising use.

Product Details

-PE (polyester) Aluminum composite panel ACP

SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Product introduction

SHUANGOU PE (polyester) Aluminum composite panel ACP comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the front surface is coated with Polyester paints. Because of its colorful design and easy processing, it has been a popular material for the facade decoration and advertising use.


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Raw Materials

Aluminum skin material: high strength aluminum alloy sheet.

Plastic Core: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene (LDPE) core.
Surface paint: Polyester coating.


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Specification

Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm.

Length: According to customer needs, even up to more than 10 meters. (Suitable length can be selected according to container size.)

Panel thickness: 2mm~6mm, 3 mm is suitable for advertisement board.

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.10mm~0.50mm, 0.15mm and 0.21mm is suitable for advertisement board.

Standard size: 1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8'); 1500mm x 3050mm (5' x 10')

Colors: Provide SHUANGOU color chart with more than 50 colorsColor sample color matching provided by customers is acceptable.


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Dimensional Tolerances

Panel Thickness: ±0.20 mm

Aluminum skin thickness: ±0.02 mm

Width: ±2.0 mm

 Length: ±3.0 mm

Diagonal: ±5.0 mm

Thermal Expansion: 2.40 mm/m@100 Temp difference


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Surface Properties

Pencil Hardness: > HB

Temperature Resistance:  -40~80

 Impact Strength:  50 kg /cm2

Boiling Water Resistance: Boiling for 2 hours no change

Acid Resistance: Immerse surface in 5% HCl for 24 hours no change

Alkali Resistance: Immerse surface in 5% NaOH for 24 hours no change

 Oil Resistance:  Immerse surface in 20# engine oil for 24 hours no change

Solvent Resistance: Cleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene no change

Cleaning Resistance: >1000 times no change

 Peel strength 180°: >5 N/mm

Cold Resistance: -40


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Advantage

Why choose SHUANGOU PE (polyester) Aluminum composite panel ACP?

Easy to maintain

Easy to process

Easy to install

Light weight and colorful

Colorful design

Non-toxicity and safety

Excellent coating property


SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Applications

Advertising design: Signs and advertising board, digital UV printing panel. SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP easy on processing and can be fixed to all shapes. SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP for outside use, 5 years guarantee time. Panel thickness 3mm, aluminum skin thickness 0.15mm - 0.21mm.


Interior Decoration: Shop facade and interior wall decoration, SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP for inside use, 10 years guarantee time. Products with SHUANGOU color chart color series for your choice. Panel thickness 3mm, aluminum skin thickness 0.21mm -r 0.30mm.




SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP Packing

General packaging: After stacking SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP, the panels are packed with plastic steel strips, and the surface is covered with cardboard.


Advanced packaging: Use high-quality wood pallets (fumigation pallets if there is a special need), and use three plywood to pack into wooden boxes on four sides after stacking SHUANGOU PE (polyester) ACP.


Aluminium Composite Panel

SHUANGOU aluminum composite panel is a kind of new-fashioned composite material through serial processing, with the paint coating aluminum sheet as the surface after surface preparation and the high pressure low density polyethylene compound as the core layer, the conformation of which has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance to be the most preferred material for modern curtain wall decoration and interior design.

Aluminium Composite Panel

The brand management concept of “SHUANGOU product, warranty for the quality” we offer is not only our goal, but also an obligation. We conform to the professional standard of “novelty, aesthetics, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety” by setting up a fashionable and natural image for the brand, in providing top-ranking after-sale services and in achieving the success and reputation of the brand with sincerity and wisdom.

Aluminium Composite Panel

1. Prevent the product from water during transportation, processing and installation for fear that it may damage the aluminum panel.

2. Keep the product laid flat no matter in transportation or in storage. If side laid, the panels should be kept vertical to the plane, compact to each other. The storage period should not be over 6 months.

3. This product is suitable for processes of sawing, cutting, edge planning, riveting, grooving, bending and spray painting.

4. V-shaped cutting tools should be applied in grooving, the width of the tank bottom is2.5-4mm, the blade should be sharp, the rotating speed is 2000-3000 rotations/min, the cutting feed should be 3-5 m/min to prevent the peeling off of the aluminum panel caused by the melting of the adhesive by over heating; 0.3-0.5mm thick plastic core should be kept between the lowest point and the aluminum panel according to the aluminum thickness. The distance between the centerline and the edge of the aluminum plastic panel should be bigger than 20mm.

5. Use uniformed force and one shot modeling in flanging instead of abrupt force and repeated bending.

6. Don’t fill in silica gel when it’s raining

7. Use bending tools in the decoration of cambered surface. Bend the aluminum plastic panel slowly into required curved surface with curvature radius not less than 20cm.

8. Mount the panel according to the arrow direction in order to prevent visual chromatic aberration by the light reflection.

9. Don’t peel off the protective film before the completion of the construction to prevent scratching to the surface coating film; peel off the protective film within 45 days after the completion.

10. Don’t apply resin or hardened adhesives in the mounting of the internal wall plate, otherwise there’ll be unflatness. It is better to use plywood or other related materials as the bottom board of the internal aluminum plastic wall plate instead of sticking the aluminum plastic panel directly to the cement wall.

11. Framework of corresponding dimensions should be inner lined after flanging of the aluminum plastic panel with the dimension not over 600mm*600mm. the internal wall plate should be used indoors instead of outdoors.

12. Neutral detergent or medical alcohol can be applied softly and gently in cleaning of the contaminated panel surface. Chemical solvents or acid & alkali solutions like butanone, acetone, xylene and lacquer thinner are prohibited.

Aluminium Composite Panel


With SHUANGOU® you buy a lot more than aluminum composite panel Being the leading supplier of aluminum composite panel in China means that we are committed to our customers. And we promise to deliver the best material and supply first-class service to our customers.

1. Quality

SHUANGOU® has very strict standards on quality. We try every effort to stabilize our product quality, quality is always our first concern. The quality control is applied to the whole production process, including the quality inspection on raw material, quality inspection during and after production. A  detailed record is filed for reference afterwards. All the work is to make sure we deliver top-quality SHUANGOU® product.

2. Service

Our professional sales team for SHUANGOU® will provide professional , fast and heartfelt service to our customers

3.Environmental Friendly

All the waste gas, waste water will be treated properly before discharge, which meets with the environment friendly requirement of ISO—14001.

4. R&D

SHUANGOU® has a professional research and development team, who will develop new products continuously with the cooperation of universities to meet any customer requirement

5. Brand Promotion

We already have prestigious customers who trust us, and our brand is becoming more famous every passing day thanks to our promotion and the quality of our products.

Aluminium Composite Panel

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